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So I came across this last week and showed it to my roommate and he was wondering how I didn’t post it on CSC. It’s definitely fucked up but the noise she makes while getting spun is just too funny to pass on. Just as I went to throw it on here it got yanked off Youtube. Welp, it resurfaced today and here it is. Now what I want to know is–is she enjoying this or not?





MUST SEE: Tiny Kid ‘Dances’ With A Big Ol’ Booty

Posted: March 20, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Funny
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I never thought a 5-year old kid could impregnate a woman until now. Isn’t it ironic that the 3rd world countries always have the most fun?!

Wait…this just in: this is downtown Detroit.






I have no idea what rhubarb is but how fucking adorable is this woman?! Kind of a combination of The Exorcist and the old lady from The Goonies. It almost makes me think this isn’t real it’s so priceless. Commenting any further would not do any justice so I’m just gonna watch it about 10 more times.

By far my favorite line: “Don’t call me sweetheart, hunnybun. What are you a lezzie!?”


I’m picturing this is what a Johan Santana fastball looks like these days. This Chinese woman just set females everywhere back about 10 years. I get that she’s no Dottie Hensen but never has ‘you throw like a girl’ been so stereotypically correct. Hey China, how about you give her a dummy grenade to throw and see what kind of arm she’s workin’ with first?


Goddamnit times are tough all around the world! The Middle East has an uprising every other day, Muslims are pissed at the US for subway posters that just went up, and women in this country are roaming the streets drunk as fuck and half naked looking for munchies. How in the hell did this woman not slice her femoral artery kicking that window in? This HAS to be an everyday occurrence because no one even reacts to her bahh-ing like a goat, rolling around in broken glass. Just another dark day for Russia I guess.

Woman Forgets Parking Brake; Hilarity Ensues

Posted: September 26, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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How good does it make you feel when this kind of shit happens to rich people? So glad this chick didn’t get run over and instead got knocked out by the car door. I still would have posted it either way…


Women drivers. If their not chatting it up on the phone while trying to drive, their sleeping on their motorcycle while on the highway. This chick should’ve absolutely been a hood ornament on that semi so as I always say, go play the lottery cause you are one lucky bitch!

Creeper With A Camera

Posted: August 23, 2011 by subwaycreatures in Subway Treasures
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Keep’em coming people…