Lesbo Treats Train Tracks Like Living Room

There’s gotta be nothing scarier than seeing a person voluntarily chillin’ on the subway tracks like they are on their couch at  1PM on NFL Sunday. Apparently these two lesbians got into a fight on the platform and the one decided to make a point by killing herself. I understand people act in the “heat of the moment” but hun, you just got gay marriage legalized and this is your next move?! Who knows, maybe that’s what this whole argument is over. Da Brat sitting on the tracks, realized her girlfriend wanted long term commitment and this was the only other option. And how about the chick in orange’s method of snapping sense into her by dumping a Big Gulp of beer all over her? Lady, that third rail behind your girlfriend’s head has enough electricity running through it to turn her into a crispy piece of bacon. Liquid is doing more harm than good at this point. Just too many weird factors going on here which makes me very suspicious.

Finally, you can clearly see the train in the background stopped and waiting for this bitch to get out the way. If I were watching all of this from the front car window, I would be so fuckin mad at this ending. If you’re going to delay me from getting somewhere then at least give me a good excuse to be late. I understand the train stopped but hey, if you wanna off yourself, turn around and grab hold of that third rail and let’s see some fireworks.

“Sorry I’m late boss, a woman jumped on the tracks and wanted to kill herself but she decided not to and just climbed back onto the platform and carried on her day.”

“Well that’s unfortunate for you. You’re getting docked pay and now I need you to come in on Saturday.”


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