You Shouldn’t Get This Drunk In The Public Wearing This Kind Of Dress


We all know the back story here. Some rich dude brought this chick to the horse race as arm candy and by the end of the first race she could barely stand up she was so drunk. Right around when she starts swinging at random people is the point he hopes she wanders out onto the track during race 2 and ironically gets trampled by horse #9 Anotheronebitesthedust. Instead, she’s carried out by security with her cooch flapping in the wind and everything documented for the world to see.

Ever Have One Of These Nights?


Look, we’ve all been there, some more recently than others. Drunk to the point where you’re trying to figure out where you are, you don’t know who the people around you are, your ass is out for everyone to see, and just when you’re laying down to what you think is your bed, you get bucked onto the ground with flash bulbs going off around you. All the cowboys in this place musta heard “cha-ching” as soon as this chick hit the floor.

Side note: Props to the guy with the upskirt shot. I’m kinda scared to know what that pic looks like after seeing this face.