Jay-Z Attacked By Solange Knowles At The Met Gala


Gawker: According to video obtained by TMZ, Beyoncé’s sister Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator at an after-party for last week’s Met Gala. TMZ’s sources said the attack took place at the Standard Hotel, just after the Gala ended. It’s unclear what prompted the attack, but in the video you can see Solange approach Jay-Z—yelling, according to TMZ—before shoving, pushing, and then kicking him as he stands next to Beyoncé. At one point, another man in the elevator, possibly a bodyguard, tries to hold her back but she still gets off one more kick, which a very calm Jay-Z catches. TMZ also notes that the man hits a button in the elevator—possibly to prevent the elevator from opening mid-fight in front of the party.


Welp, I guess this is why you pay for a bodyguard to follow you around all the time–in case your sister in-law decides to go all Jean Claude van Damme on you. What could Jay-Z possibly have done to warrant this? The dude is one of the most calm cool collected people in the world. Whatever it was she didn’t look too happy and I’m sure Christmas at the Knowles residence is gonna be a little weird.

Side note: Shouts to that bodyguard for hitting the elevator button to keep the doors closed. 



Niggas In Paris…Subway Remix


It’s been a long time since our last post with the holidays coming up and our actual jobs being as hectic as they’ve been. Let’s see…since our last post #occupywallstreet has fallen off the face of the earth, North Korea lost it’s leader, the Giants are blowing they’re playoff chances, and I’m pretty sure we found a cure for AIDS. But what better way to get back into it than with this fuckin guy.

You ever get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say to yourself “goddamn it’s gonna be a great day!” I’m pretty sure that’s where this guy’s head is at. He got all his shopping done, Kwanzaa right around the corner, booked New Years plans, and not a worry in the world. Grimace from McDonald’s not only sang the whole song, but he included the parts with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder from Blades of Glory. And not only did he include them but he nailed them! Straight up white man voice out of no where. Something about December that just puts everyone in a great mood!

Black people let me say this, just because this was entertaining and funny, do not use this as an excuse to pull this shit everywhere. It gets old fast and I’m sure half the white people on that subway car had no idea what song this dude was singing anyway.

Side note: Pretty sure that was Leon from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” just crushing this song

– Thanks to Stewart and Justin for this