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Nutso Hockey Father Punches Fist Through Plexiglass

Posted: January 22, 2015 by subwaycreatures in WTF
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Let me just say that I grew up playing hockey my whole life and I’ve seen tons of crazy hockey parents just like this guy. Hell, my uncle chased a kid into a locker room after a dirty hit and the cops had to be called. It happens. I’ll tell you what doesn’t happen though–being able to punch your fist through plexiglass. That shit is borderline bullet proof and the fact that this guy was able to make it look like a picture frame is scary. The refs summed it up perfectly. Everyone get off the ice and someone call 911 while I’m still alive!




If you think Putin isn’t behind this you are out of your goddamn mind. Guy probably gave the pregame speech to these girls in the locker room. I can just picture it now ‘If she dies, she dies!’ Only other thing I could think of is that they are still salty over 1980 but my money’s on Putin.

Side note: How mad would you be if you broke a hockey stick over a girl’s head and she got right back up. ‘Murica!




The FDNY/NYPD Charity Hockey Game Went Well This Weekend

Posted: April 7, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Sports
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Christ Almighty! I’m not sure if the NYPD took a bigger beating from the fight or the fans? It’s just good to see unity among New Yorkers once again.

Side note: I don’t think Nassau Colosseum has seen this many people in attendance for a hockey game since the 1980s.




This Is A Massive Hockey Hit, But Was It Legal?

Posted: March 5, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Sports
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I love hockey and I’m a huge believer in making guys pay for skating with their head down but is this hit dirty? At first glance I thought 1) Player left his feet to make the hit 2) He was targeting the head. Then, after watching the replay multiple times I don’t know anymore. For those of you who know hockey, what do you think?




Hockey players are known to be the toughest athletes in sports. Apparently not so in Sweden. Only advice I have for this guy is to hang up the skates because the abuse he’s going to take after this is gonna be brutal.



Remember that epic collapse when the Bruins came back on the Toronto Maple Leafs after being down by 3 goals in the third period? Well that became absolutely irrelevant as Boston had one of the most epic meltdowns of all time. How could that be possible you ask? Because this time it was to force a game 7 with the Stanley Cup on the line. In what almost sounded like a home game for the Chicago Blackhawks, Bruins fans in Boston were already looking forward to a game 7 when all of that changed in 17 seconds in the last minute of regulation. What makes it all that much more sweet is that now not only do we not have to listen to the obnoxious Boston fans talk about another championship but we’ll always have this to look back on (yes I’m talking to you New York Yankee fans of 2004).

Despite last night’s outcome, this Stanley Cup playoffs overall was one of the best I’ve seen since maybe 1994 and that’s coming from a New Jersey Devils fan. This was exactly was the NHL needed and hopefully it’s a shot in the arm for the sport that for some reason is looked down upon by many. Already can’t wait for next season!

This was cover of the newspaper in Toronto this morning:




Everyone pair up and just start swinging. Think I even saw a human centipede in there at one point but in the end, this is why we watch. Only sport where fighting is encouraged.

-Thanks to Matt for sending this over


Such a typical Boston move right here. Counting their chickens before they hatch. To be honest I don’t even care who wins this series because I hate both teams almost equally (bitter Devils fan over here). I was hoping they would just kill each other in 7 games and one team would limp into the Stanley Cup Finals–but seriously Pittsburgh?! You can’t at least make it competitive? If your captain did a little less bitching and flopping and more scoring maybe it would make for some interesting hockey but watching the Bruins put you on lock down is like watching CSPAN. Hey Boston, you’re not innocent either. That Toucan Sam motherfucker on your team is just as bad with the diving than Crosby. This ain’t soccer so clean it up!


Parents Brawl During Canadian Hockey Game

Posted: March 26, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Fights, Sports
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Well…that escalated quickly. I always thought Canadian people were supposed to be the nicest, most civil people around but I guess when it’s hockey we’re talking about there are no holds barred. Sounds about right.


Too bad it didn’t work.