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No idea what this fight is over and don’t care. Also don’t care how old this guy in the glasses is–don’t punch someone if you’re not ready to get punched back.

FACT: When you low-blow a dude in the nuts multiple times, expect to get your head kicked in.


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So I guess this guy was trying to fight anyone he could get his hands on at SXSW because you know, that’s the kind of rough, gangsta music festival that is. Anyway the dude to his right saw an opportunity to end it all and took it. Knocked the fuck out! How bad is it when you get knocked out like that in front of everyone and then when you come-to, there’s a bunch of cops ready to arrest you? Street justice at its finest.


This is why I watch hockey! 26 seconds into the game and already a fight and a KO. Only other sports you’ll see that in are boxing, MMA, and the occasional Pistons/Pacers game. But only in hockey do the refs clear everything out of the way so there are no obstructions and let the fight go until one man has jelly legs (or they tire out and stop). For those of you who say it’s a boring sport and you can’t get into it, just go watch a game (that doesn’t involve the Islanders) and I bet you’ll change your mind.