Man Nearly Blows His Head Off With Shot Gun


Remember growing up when your parents would always tell you not to put your face over the fireworks you were about to light? Well this is kinda like that only with a high powered shot gun. People like this deserve to get Kurt Cobain’d because if you’re stupid enough to put your face over the barrel of a shot gun that you just pumped 2 rounds into, I can’t feel bad for you. If the hat you’re wearing on your head has a hole in it that looks like a gaping asshole, you know something went wrong. Now go buy a lottery ticket because today is your lucky day.

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong; Real Or Fake?


Not sure what the hell is going on in this clip but might have to lean with real. No one smashes a picture over their head on purpose, right? But then again, why the hell is a picture randomly falling off the wall at the most perfect time? What do you think? Real or Fake?

UPDATE: Definitely real. Her chair bumps the picture and that’s why it falls. Who has a self portrait of themselves like that. Bitch got what she deserved.