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EliteDaily: The principal of Stephens Elementary School in Kentucky has a great sense of humor, and he likes to make sure the parents of his students are well-aware of the fun he incorporates into his job. This video shows the principal and another official, possibly a teacher, creating a voice message to be sent to the parents of Stephens Elementary informing them that the school will be closed due to snow. But since leaving an ordinary message would be boring, the two deliver the news in the form of a hilariously epic song that makes us all very jealous of the students lucky enough to have a principal like this guy.


My question is how many parents still took their kids to school the next day thinking this was a prank phone call? I know my ass would’ve been standing in front of a locked school door if my mom was taking that call.


And Now For Your Knockout Of The Day

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Don’t condone hitting girls even the slightest but something tells me she won’t spit in someone’s face ever again.




And what did you learn on your field trip today hunny? Welp, drugs are dangerous and people will do just about anything on them and for them.

Side note: Unfortunately for these kids, nothing they see the rest of the day will top this. This hipster asshole is burned in their memories forever.

Kid Throws Desk At Classmates Head; Welcomes Him Back To School

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Liveleak: 2 kids in my 7th period got hit into an argument because (kid in the blue) went into (kid in the red )’s bag while he went to the office. Kid in Blue was laughing in his face that he stole a soda out of Kid in Red shirt’s bag , therefore this is how he reacted.


Welcome back to school, kids! The first days back are always the easiest but I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long year for these two.

Youtube: Blake Harper, Mater Dei School first grader, must make a foul shot for the student body to get the day off from school on Super Bowl Monday.
He is the final shooter as an 8th grader and 7th grader both missed 3 pointers. The student body is down to this last shot for the day off…..


You gotta love how the teaching staff wanted off just as much as the kids. Pick the only black kid in the first grade to take a foul shot and seal a free day off after the Super Bowl. I have no idea what the 7th or 8th graders looked like who took the 3-point shots but my bet is that they weren’t of the white variety either. Don’t you wish your boss did something like this to close the office down but kinda have it rigged too? Like pick the 300 pounder in the office to eat a Chipotle burrito under 2 minutes or choosing Sunny Lee to make an origami swan out of a dollar bill in 30 seconds. Everyone wins! Not for nothin’ but the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday anyway.

Side note: Hope Blake made it out alive from that massive pile up or they’re gonna have another day off to attend a funeral.

Bully Takes Baseball Bat To The Head

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Ding! That sound kinda reminds me of opening day in Little League, right? Like when you get your first hit of the season and the butterflies go away and you know it’s gonna be an all star year at third base. Although in this case Ding! means you’re probably gonna do 2-4 years for assault with a deadly weapon unless you can pull off some miraculous self defense angle. The worst part about it is that after Canseco-ing this kid to the head, he dropped the bat and let the dead kid’s friend tee of on him a couple times. As long as you nailed one, you might as well take’em all down. Especially the cameraman who’s got your whole trial on his iPhone.


So let me get this straight. Kid gets bullied while doing a news segment about bullying. Kid finally stands up for himself by punching bully in face. Kid gets suspended from school. What the fuck is wrong with this country? My kids would never get bullied, you know why? Because not only would I encourage them to punch any punk kid in the face, but I would probably hang the kid by his legs from a tree and let the other kids tee off on them like a pinata. Oh you want to suspend my kid 3 days from school? OK Junior, let’s go to Florida for a long weekend and pick this up when we get back.

Probably why I don’t have any kids and probably never will.

Kids Film Road Head From Back Of School Bus

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I’m sure she was just looking for her contact.


How can you not love this little girl’s moves? Do you know how many people in their lives have wanted to do this at some point? Arm block, swift quick to the groin, and BAM! Got Mr. Vladimir in the ‘FINISH HIM’ position from Mortal Combat.

Check Out This Kid Dougie All Over His Classroom

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Swag! With all the teacher sex scandals going on, there’s no doubt in my mind this kid banged the shit out of his later that day.