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Just A Guy Blowing Coke On The CTA

Posted: November 7, 2013 by subwaycreatures in WTF
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After a long day of work some people have a beer, some have a glass of scotch, and others rip key bumps on the CTA. Whatever floats your boat.



People close to me know how much I HATE public transportation and more specifically the bus–this is why. Nothing but drunks and people looking for trouble. The lady in the back said it best. I wanna get home to see my kids. I wish I was drunk! I hear ya lady, I hear ya!

Gothamist: It’s bad enough seeing another bus passenger masturbate during your commute—but seeing your bus driver in the act? And while driving the bus through traffic and into the Lincoln Tunnel? That’s what one NJ Transit passenger saw and she was so upset that she filmed driver George Simpson to bring the matter to the agency’s attention. Attorney Patrick Metz shared the video with WABC 7, explaining, “She noticed he was performing a sex act on himself… The outrage, the danger he was putting the other passengers in and the other commuters, it is unspeakable.” He said, “She was sitting directly opposite the bus driver in the first row of seats,” and noted how she filmed “other cars around. As you can see the walls of the tunnel are on the left side. And he’s continuing all the way through the tunnel totally exposed.” At one point, the driver reaches for something that seems like a handkerchief or cloth to wipe his head and then his lower area; Metz said, “Now you can see what appears to be him, uh, address the situation.” Metz said, “We don’t know what happened before and we want to make sure it never happens again.” Simpson was suspended and charged with causing or risking widespread injury or damage, lewdness and reckless driving. The Star-Ledger reports, “According to the arrest warrant, Simpson on June 24 created a ‘risk of (serious) bodily injury to the passengers onboard New Jersey Transit Bus 8097, specifically by removing his hands from the wheel and masturbating while continuing to drive in traffic.'” NJ Transit issued a statement, “The bus operator in question was immediately removed from service without pay, as a result of this disturbing and grossly irresponsible conduct. The incident was also promptly brought to the attention of NJ Transit Police, who immediately launched a criminal investigation. As a result, the operator has been charged with three separate criminal offenses — including one for risking widespread injury,” adding, “We offer our sincere apologies to anyone who may have witnessed this disturbing episode.”


Can you believe the balls on George Simpson here? Kinda like an Office Space ‘don’t give a fuck’ mentality to just nonchalantly whip his dick out and start beating it in rush hour traffic while driving a bus of 65 people. If there were ever one place I’d never wanna pull this stunt–it’s on a NJ Transit bus. Just nothing sexy about it at all–just doesn’t do it for me. Hell on wheels as I like to call it. Miserable people sneezing and coughing on each other, loud music, loud cell phone conversations…I digress. This guy just got too comfortable with his commute. Lazy and sloppy. There’s a special place for the George Simpson’s of this world and it’s far from a NJ Transit bus driver’s seat.


This is what ‘Merica is all about. Plain, flat out street justice at it’s finest. You wanna stand on a bus and try to intimidate a woman and act all tough, then you better be ready to literally get your ass kicked in a parking lot with bystanders watching on. Guy wasn’t even involved in the argument but sets everything right.

Side note: Probably could’ve done without the spitting. That’s almost as low as it gets right around biting and kicking someone who is already down.


Must make you feel extra special as a child when your mother is yelling in your ear for 10 minutes about fuckin some other guy and then chest passes you to some stranger sitting across from her so she can beat another ratchet’s ass. Kid will grow up completely normal I’m sure. As of right now this has to be the leading candidate for Mother of the Year.



Bus Driver Accidentally Plays Porno On Bus Trip [NSFW]

Posted: January 29, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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For any of you who have been on a long bus trip, you know how much they absolutely suck ass. Traffic, uncomfortable sleeping positions, people talking on cell phones, music blasting out of headphones, and overall car sickness. Shiiiiit, commuting to the city on a bus was half the reason I moved to NYC in the first place and that was only a 30 minute bus ride! That being said, how about when you find out your bus driver was or is going to be beating it to porn on the very bus you’re sitting on? Makes you feel uncomfortable but I think I’m rolling with the punches on this one. First person to tell the bus driver of his mistake gets a quick rabbit punch to the back of the head.

Can Anyone Do A Better Kool-Aid Impression Than This Chick??

Posted: January 15, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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And the answer is NO! Was anyone else waiting for the OH YEA! as soon as this chick realized she had just run through a pane of glass?


Half these people are laughing and half are pissed off. Is no one scared? We have a zombie apocalypse on our hands and it’s clear that one of them is trying to get on the bus. Props to the bus driver for not running this guy over because I’m pretty sure no one would miss him.


Let me be clear, never cool to hit a girl…in most cases. But when you have this hood rat barking in your ear and physically assaulting you, I consider that self defense. The bus driver put it best, she wanna be a man, I’ma treat you like a man! Were there better ways to handle this situation? Of course, but you’re in downtown Cleveland. Cops don’t give a shit.

Kids Film Road Head From Back Of School Bus

Posted: September 18, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Awesome
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I’m sure she was just looking for her contact.