Get A Load Of This Drunk Chick On NJ Transit Last Night


No, this isn’t a scene from ‘Coming To America’. This was my friends nice, quiet, peaceful ride home from work on the NJ Transit last night. ‘I gotta get the hell off this bus! I gotta get the off this bus! And I’m gonna get off this bus and I’m gonna get me somethin’ to drink’ is exactly what everyone else on the bus is thinking also, I’m sure. I just hate it when I get drunk and think out loud to myself too. It’s got me in so much trouble in the past. ‘What the hell is this girls name? I hope she doesn’t ask me what her name is cause I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I have no fuckin’ clue what it is.’ And that’s usually when I realize I said it out loud. Exit stage left.

Side Note: There’s nothing that scares me more than a drunk black chick because they are the most likely to come at you if you even look at them the wrong way and there is absolutely nothing you can do. It’s like crossing a bridge when a train is coming.


-Thanks for the video Wolf

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