Man Buys Safe On Ebay With $26,000 Inside…Seller Wants Half


I don’t feel bad for the seller in this story one little bit. You know this dude was sitting on his computer at home laughing that the other guy just bought a useless safe for $120. Who’s laughing now? I absolutely love how the buyer tagged up this dude’s eBay comment wall letting him know what he just found. ‘Oh you wanna sell me a useless safe for $122? Well I just profited $25,878 from that deal dickface.’

And how about the seller hitting him up for half of the $26,000?! I guess he’s got balls but honestly how easy is it for him to say ‘if it were me I would definitely give him half.’ Well it could’ve been you but it wasn’t. And no kidding the buyer won’t reveal any info on himself. The seller will probably take that $122 he made from this deal and put a bid on eBay for a gun with some bullets, track this guy down, and take back the $26,000. Sorry dude, sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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