How Bad Do You Want To Do This To The People Who Hold The Subway Doors?


Stand clear of the closing doors motherfucker! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to do this in the subway going somewhere. Chick barely gets on the train as the doors close and she stands there holding them while her friends are taking their damn time swiping their cards through the turnstile. Problem is usually it’s the ratchiest of the ratchet chicks that pull this shit who would absolutely kick my ass. The other problem is that even if I punted the chick off the train, the doors would probably fling back open and stay open. Why can’t the trains just leave anyway?

Man With One Arm Fights Man With Two Arms…Who You Got?


I have all the respect in the world for MMA fighters. Simply out of their fucking minds to take the kinds of beatings they do for a living and at the end of the day, some are just getting by financially. But I mean you HAVE to call it quits when you lose to a dude with one arm, right? I mean, this is what you do for a living and you just went night-night to a guy who has a total disadvantage. I’m not trying to act like I know everything about the sport but when a guy is missing half his left arm, doesn’t that mean he can’t protect that side of his head? Don’t you throw right hooks all day long?