Crazy Guy Runs From Cops Right In Front Of On Coming Train

WFMZ: New video has surfaced of a Berks County man fleeing police and jumping into the path of a moving train. The cell phone video was captured by a 69 News viewer and details exactly what happened on the train tracks late Friday night in Spring Township. According to police, the man in the video is Nevin Walls, and he was fleeing from a uniformed officer. Just before midnight Friday, police were called after Walls, 31, wearing only boxer shorts, was acting disorderly in the 2200 block of Penn Avenue. Walls ran into the parking lot at the Redner’s Quick Shoppe and started screaming and yelling, police said. Then, he got into a car with a woman and child and demanded she drive away, said police. When an officer attempted to get in the vehicle, Walls ran up the embankment, raised his hands and jumped toward the approaching train, said police. “Anybody that knows him knows he wasn’t in a right mental state,” said Shaine Pachilis, who has been friends with Walls for more than 15 years. Pachilis claims Walls suffers from severe mental problems. Remarkably, he did survive. He was found lying between the rails and taken to Reading Hospital. According to Pachilis, he’s since been transferred to the University of Penn in Philadelphia.


Well that turned into an easy arrest. There’s gotta be nothing scarier than being a cop and getting the call that a crazy is running around the 7-11 parking lot in his boxers. You could literally see that cop stalling for time when Looney Toons tried to carjack that woman and her baby. Now, getting run over by a locomotive has to be one of the worst ways to go out because there’s always the chance you could just get your legs run over and survive through the pain. Sure enough that’s what sounds like happened here. The crazy lives to see another day.

Stripper Calls Police On Herself For Taking $40 Tip


DECEMBER 28–The holiday season’s most heartwarming story involves a topless dancer, a drunk customer, and $40 left atop a Florida bar counter. Shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve, Panama City cops responded to a call from the home of Amanda Blocker. Through tears, the 27-year-old woman explained that she was a dancer at the Gold Nugget Lounge and had been talking earlier that evening to a male customer who “told her he was going to give her $40.00.” According to a Panama City Police Department report, Blocker (pictured above) recalled that the patron “laid the money on the bar,” but soon “passed out from intoxication.” He later awoke and quickly departed the Gold Nugget. Blocker told cops that after the man’s departure she “noticed the money still on the table and took it.” However, after arriving home, the dancer “felt bad and thought she had stolen the money.” That’s when Blocker decided to call police at 11:45 PM on December 24. An officer advised Blocker that nobody had filed a complaint about the money, the report notes. With “nothing further” left to investigate, the cop left Blocker with her small Christmas gift.


This has gotta be one of the most bizarre stories I’ve heard in a while. A guy says he’s going to tip you $40, you take it while he’s passed out, and then proceed to call the cops on yourself? Even the police were like ‘ummmm yeaaaaah…it’s OK lady.’ Amanda you work for tips, right? The guy said he was going to tip you the $40, right? Keep the money and buy yourself new stripper heels. I don’t see the problem here. And since when do strippers have a conscience? They always have no problem taking my money when I pass out there. Unbelievable.

Topless Woman In G-String Leads Police On 128 MPH Chase

Daily Mail:

A topless, drunken woman led police on a car chase along route 422 at speeds of up to 128mph before surrendering to officers. Erin B. Holdsworth, 28, of Hiram, Ohio, was found to be wearing only fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels when she was arrested in Auburn Township. Officers used stingers along the highway to disable two of Holdsworth’s tires and she was forced to pull over on the side of the road a short time later. When they approached her vehicle, the nearly-naked woman got out and staggered across the road before she was handcuffed. She has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), refusing a blood alcohol test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damage, driving under a suspended licence, speeding and reckless operation at Chardon Municipal Court. Chief Jon Bokovitz, of the Bainbridge Police Department, said Holdsworth was taken to a Geauga County Safety Center after her arrest on October 11, before she was released pending the charges, Fox News reported.

Thank you Ohio, just another gem to add to your resume. Topless, in a g-string, and wearing sneakers sounds pretty close to most girls Halloween costumes and with Halloween right around the corner are we sure blondie wasn’t coming from a costume party? And how classy was she in that cop car? Tattoos up her legs and screaming in some devilish tone. Love this move right here:
Speaking of Halloween, hope to see people at the Westside Beer Garden on Saturday night on 33rd and 8th. Free admission before 10PM and $10 after that. Costumes a must and password is ‘beaver’. Can’t make this shit up!

Eight Partiers Force Way Into Old Man’s Apartment, Throw Week Long Bash

SANTA ANA – A group of men and women are suspected of taking over a 62-year-old man’s apartment for more than a week as they used the residence for parties, drugs and other illicit activities while the man lived in fear, police said. Officers responded about 5 a.m. Friday to requests for a welfare check on a man living in an apartment complex in the 3300 block of West Camille Street. A neighbor reported that several suspected gang members had forced their way into the man’s apartment and stayed there for more than a week, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. The man, who authorities identified as a veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, was reportedly afraid to leave his residence. Police found six men and two female juveniles at the residence, all of whom were arrested. Investigators allege that Andrew Perez, 19, was the ringleader of the group. They didn’t appear to have any previous relationship or friendship with the victim, police said. People were going in and out of the man’s apartment all week, Bertagna said, forcing the victim into his bedroom at the end of the evenings as they partied in the rest of the residence. While the victim wasn’t physically injured, his apartment was wrecked, Bertagna said. Police are working with veteran’s groups and the social services department to get him assistance.


So these clown dicks forced their way into this guy’s house and partied for a week and he never called police? If there were ever a case of Stockholm Syndrome, this is definitely the time for it. ‘Oh you want me to chug a 40 oz. of Old English and blow a line off that chick’s ass? OK, but just please don’t hurt me.’ Even though this sounds like the plot to some bad Pauly Shore movie, the other thing I’m curious about is how it took a week for neighbors to realize a full on raging party was going on in a 62-year-old’s apartment. ‘Wow, Gene’s really livin’ it up down there this week, huh Martha? Do ya think we should check on him?’ ‘No, I’m sure he’s just got some company over to watch the game.’ ‘Yea you’re probably right. Oh, look at that there’s a young man licking whip cream off a girl’s breasts.’

Fucking epic!

What Do You Do When The Cop That Pulled You Over Is Bi-Polar


Yes, this man carries a gun. I’ve watched this now on repeat possibly 20 times trying to figure out where the cops ON/OFF switch is. Have you ever seen someone go from as polite as he was to completely bat shit crazy? Dude, you’re the authoritative figure here. The guy doesn’t want to let you in his car? That’s fine, make him wait there until you have a warrant. Don’t be mad because you think you have to let him go. And how bout the driver with the balls to say something after that Mount Vesuvius explosion from the cop. Not only would I have kept my mouth shut, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep because of the nightmares this cop planted in my head. Literally looked like a scene from The Exorcist.

Side note: Did this remind anyone of when George Brett’s home run was called back when the Royals played the Yankees?