Stripper Calls Police On Herself For Taking $40 Tip


DECEMBER 28–The holiday season’s most heartwarming story involves a topless dancer, a drunk customer, and $40 left atop a Florida bar counter. Shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve, Panama City cops responded to a call from the home of Amanda Blocker. Through tears, the 27-year-old woman explained that she was a dancer at the Gold Nugget Lounge and had been talking earlier that evening to a male customer who “told her he was going to give her $40.00.” According to a Panama City Police Department report, Blocker (pictured above) recalled that the patron “laid the money on the bar,” but soon “passed out from intoxication.” He later awoke and quickly departed the Gold Nugget. Blocker told cops that after the man’s departure she “noticed the money still on the table and took it.” However, after arriving home, the dancer “felt bad and thought she had stolen the money.” That’s when Blocker decided to call police at 11:45 PM on December 24. An officer advised Blocker that nobody had filed a complaint about the money, the report notes. With “nothing further” left to investigate, the cop left Blocker with her small Christmas gift.


This has gotta be one of the most bizarre stories I’ve heard in a while. A guy says he’s going to tip you $40, you take it while he’s passed out, and then proceed to call the cops on yourself? Even the police were like ‘ummmm yeaaaaah…it’s OK lady.’ Amanda you work for tips, right? The guy said he was going to tip you the $40, right? Keep the money and buy yourself new stripper heels. I don’t see the problem here. And since when do strippers have a conscience? They always have no problem taking my money when I pass out there. Unbelievable.

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