Jenna Jameson’s Interview This Morning On Good Day Went Great


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Jenna Jameson both metaphorically and physically used to be on top of the porn industry. And now–yesterday she had her house foreclosed by the bank and today she’s higher than the Red Bull skydiver on Good Day New York. How disappointed do you think Greg Kelly was about all of this? Finally gets to meet the girl who got him through countless lonely Friday nights and she shows up high with a little less work done to her face than Michael Jackson. Just look at the “disappointment/what am I doing here” look on this guy’s face:


What’s Up With This New Book? Is This Black People’s ’50 Shades’?


So after doing extensive research on this (Googling “How To Be Black” and reading the first sentence that popped up in results) I found out that this is some comedic book written by a black guy about how to fit in as a black person in the work place and social world. Examples include how to socialize at happy hour with your white colleagues or how to be a good black friend to your white friends. Sounds funny but regardless, I think it’s hilarious seeing black people reading this on the subway, especially when you have no idea what the book is about.

Then I got to thinking…would it be racist if all of the sudden there was a book written by a white guy teaching white people how to fit in with black people? Like if you’re walking down the street in Harlem you need to walk REALLY slow down the sidewalk and talk as loud as you can to the person next you. Or if your kid is acting up on the subway, slap the little fucker upside their head and slam them into an open seat. Would this fly or would CSC have Al Sharpton at it’s front door calling for a complete site shutdown? Maybe time will tell…