Typical Douche Boston Fan Licks Entire Subway Railing For $1


Kid’s parents must be proud. I’m 99.9% sure a homeless bum wouldn’t even do this for $1. You know why? Because even a bum knows that he touches that railing everyday gimping into the subway after sifting through garbage with his hand down his pants. $1 doesn’t even get you half way to paying your subway fare so you still have 2 railings to go shithead. Hope it was worth it cause your mouth is now as clean as Magic Johnson’s dick while inside Pamela Anderson’s pussy. If anyone recognizes this subway entrance please share with us so I can never go in it ever again.

Side note: I no longer blame the Asians for wearing gloves and masks all over NYC and I give this kid one week to live.

“What’s In My Mouth?”


If I had nickel for every time I’ve heard these three questions in the same sentence…

– Where I am?

– Why am I here?

– What’s in mouth?

…I’d be a millionaire.

‘David goes to the dentist’ was funny because it was a little kid who had never been hopped up on drugs before. This girl, however, looks like she was just picked up from a frat house the morning after a party. Hey mom, she’s just gonna keep asking what’s in her mouth so as long as you’re filming it, have a little fun and start making things up.