Typical Douche Boston Fan Licks Entire Subway Railing For $1


Kid’s parents must be proud. I’m 99.9% sure a homeless bum wouldn’t even do this for $1. You know why? Because even a bum knows that he touches that railing everyday gimping into the subway after sifting through garbage with his hand down his pants. $1 doesn’t even get you half way to paying your subway fare so you still have 2 railings to go shithead. Hope it was worth it cause your mouth is now as clean as Magic Johnson’s dick while inside Pamela Anderson’s pussy. If anyone recognizes this subway entrance please share with us so I can never go in it ever again.

Side note: I no longer blame the Asians for wearing gloves and masks all over NYC and I give this kid one week to live.

Man Gets Pussy After Preventing Woman From Getting Railed

Ching chang, ching ching chung…I don’t know what the fuck they are saying here but does it really matter?! I can watch this footage on mute and it would probably make more sense. Chick does some kind of barrel roll onto tracks, man saves the day with seconds to spare. I mean holy shit! I was waiting for the director to yell CUT. To be completely honest, I don’t know if this guy got pussy or not but he better have. I mean that chick better have fucked him right there under the platform. As always no one else jumped into action except for this guy and he had the awareness to roll her into the safe spot under the platform as if he does this all the time. You don’t even need a pick up line at that point. Just “love you long time” until they get that train out of the way!

This train station had railings on the platform and this chick still managed to find her way onto the tracks. There’s no joke here, I just can’t believe how retarded people can be.