Typical Douche Boston Fan Licks Entire Subway Railing For $1


Kid’s parents must be proud. I’m 99.9% sure a homeless bum wouldn’t even do this for $1. You know why? Because even a bum knows that he touches that railing everyday gimping into the subway after sifting through garbage with his hand down his pants. $1 doesn’t even get you half way to paying your subway fare so you still have 2 railings to go shithead. Hope it was worth it cause your mouth is now as clean as Magic Johnson’s dick while inside Pamela Anderson’s pussy. If anyone recognizes this subway entrance please share with us so I can never go in it ever again.

Side note: I no longer blame the Asians for wearing gloves and masks all over NYC and I give this kid one week to live.

Is This Couple Not A Match Made in Hell?


No, this is not Halloween…this is Saturday night at 2am in the NYC subway. The only thing more shocking in this video to me is the fact that whoever is the cameraman is able to sit across from these walks of life that call themselves humans. How can this person stomach this shit. They are popping and peeling the skin from each others faces. Have some more Meth you disgusting fucks! If I was even the least bit curious about doing Meth, this just sealed the deal for me tighter than a nuns pussy. Scared straight! If I were ever in this position everyone has the ‘all clear’ to push me in front of the next in coming L train. Unbelievable that people like this really exist.

Shinin’ Them Shoes!

Well Jesus Christ! Just look at the shin on those shoes! I don’t know why this guy isn’t running a shoe shining business with how much dedication and determination he’s putting into this. And as always, the people sitting around him just go on as if it’s just another day on the NYC subway which is actually the truth. With the shit I’ve seen on those trains, I wouldn’t even touch my shoe with my hand, let alone put my tongue to them. Now here’s the million dollar question. Where the fuck is he going that he needs his shoe THAT clean cause I’ll tell you right now it ain’t a job interview. Maybe it has nothing to do with needing his shoe cleaned. Maybe he accidentally dropped his crack on his shoe and he’s just trying to get his money’s worth. Either way I give this guy 24 hours to live before he comes down with some mutated disease and turns the NYC subway into a scene from the movie 12 Monkeys.