Check Out This Tranny Rolling On E And Pole Dancing On The A-Train


Wow. Wow. Wow. What a mess! This Mexican tranny has to be rolling on E or just plain out of it’s mind. But just like most of them, it sees the camera and has to steal the spotlight. Doesn’t this subway creature hear the little kid begging her in Spanish to stop? Even he knows he’ll never be able to ride the train the same way again.

And if there were ever a more disgusting thing to see on public transportation, it has to be this thing licking the hand railing like it’s in the ‘Lickable Wallpaper Room’ in Wonka’s Factory. Out of all the videos you’ve seen on CSC, you know the disgusting and vile things that happen on these trains and the kind of people who hold onto those railings so I really give this chick/dude 24 hours to live before it dies of some unheard of disease. Oh, and by the way, think of this video the next time you are riding the A-Train and holding onto the pole.

Is This Couple Not A Match Made in Hell?


No, this is not Halloween…this is Saturday night at 2am in the NYC subway. The only thing more shocking in this video to me is the fact that whoever is the cameraman is able to sit across from these walks of life that call themselves humans. How can this person stomach this shit. They are popping and peeling the skin from each others faces. Have some more Meth you disgusting fucks! If I was even the least bit curious about doing Meth, this just sealed the deal for me tighter than a nuns pussy. Scared straight! If I were ever in this position everyone has the ‘all clear’ to push me in front of the next in coming L train. Unbelievable that people like this really exist.