News From The South: Raccoon BBQ Leads Cops To Meth Lab


Police say they found a man barbecuing a raccoon in the parking lot of a Memphis, Tenn. apartment complex when they were summoned there on Monday.  Then, according to NBC station KSDK, investigators stumbled upon buckets of unknown material at the scene. That’s when they called in their meth task force. The investigation led them to the apartment of another man, Adam Eubank, identified as the brother of the “top raccoon chef.” According to KSDK, police arrested the 26-year-old, and charged him with promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine.  Police said it appears Eubank used cold medicine to create meth at least 3 times in the last year. He was jailed on a $75,000 bond.

Nothing to see here just roasting a raccoon in the middle of a parking lot. Meth heads will be meth heads. I seriously need to get down to the south and check out this third world country that I always read so much about. I’m saying just a visit, not to live there of course. Meth heads, leprechauns in trees, fights at Waffle House at 3 AM, domestic violence around every corner, etc. etc. I honestly don’t know how people survive down there but then again they are probably saying the same thing about New Yorkers.

Parent of the Year Award: Kindergartener Brings Moms Crack Pipe and Meth For Show and Tell

A Sweet Springs, MO kindergartner brought his mother’s crack pipe to show-and-tell on Sept. 6. Sadly, the crack pipe wasn’t the only thing the kindergartner brought to school. He also brought some of his mother’s crystal meth. Unfortunately, it seems the little tyke was rather proud and fascinated with the items. Superintendent Donna Wright said, “He was very excited when he got to school. But I don’t think he knew what he had.” However, the child’s teacher realized what he had and didn’t allow him to show or talk about it. Instead, the teacher notified authorities. Wright said, “It didn’t ever get into the classroom. It was shocking. We’re not experienced with dealing with this.” Officers followed up on the incident and arrested the kindergartner’s 32-year-old mother, Michelle Cheatham, on drug charges. She was later able to post bail and is now free. Teachers and school authorities weren’t the only ones shocked by what happened. Police Chief Richard Downing said, “That was a first for show-and-tell in this town.” The town of Sweet Springs is very small with only 1,500 residents.

Congrats Michelle Cheatham! Not only did your kid know where to find your crack pipe and meth, but he brought it in for Show and Tell to explain to the other 5 and 6 year olds how to use it. While most kids are bringing in their pet rocks from the backyard, he brought in a completely different kind of “rock.” You wanna know what I brought for my Show and Tell in 3rd grade? I brought my hippie grandma who could tell the coolest life experiences I’ve ever heard. Did she do drugs back then? I hope so. Is she an alcoholic? Without a doubt. Did she share her stories to my class WHILE ON drugs or alcohol…? Shit I don’t know, probably. But the point here is, she didn’t talk about it or share it with the class because she was at least THAT responsible!

Also, this poor kid set the bar way too high for himself! How do you follow this up next year in 1st grade? Heroin and a syringe? 9mm and a few rounds of ammo? I’m just saying if he brings his pet iguana “Iggy” I would be extremely disappointed.

Is This Couple Not A Match Made in Hell?


No, this is not Halloween…this is Saturday night at 2am in the NYC subway. The only thing more shocking in this video to me is the fact that whoever is the cameraman is able to sit across from these walks of life that call themselves humans. How can this person stomach this shit. They are popping and peeling the skin from each others faces. Have some more Meth you disgusting fucks! If I was even the least bit curious about doing Meth, this just sealed the deal for me tighter than a nuns pussy. Scared straight! If I were ever in this position everyone has the ‘all clear’ to push me in front of the next in coming L train. Unbelievable that people like this really exist.