News From The South: Raccoon BBQ Leads Cops To Meth Lab


Police say they found a man barbecuing a raccoon in the parking lot of a Memphis, Tenn. apartment complex when they were summoned there on Monday.  Then, according to NBC station KSDK, investigators stumbled upon buckets of unknown material at the scene. That’s when they called in their meth task force. The investigation led them to the apartment of another man, Adam Eubank, identified as the brother of the “top raccoon chef.” According to KSDK, police arrested the 26-year-old, and charged him with promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine.  Police said it appears Eubank used cold medicine to create meth at least 3 times in the last year. He was jailed on a $75,000 bond.

Nothing to see here just roasting a raccoon in the middle of a parking lot. Meth heads will be meth heads. I seriously need to get down to the south and check out this third world country that I always read so much about. I’m saying just a visit, not to live there of course. Meth heads, leprechauns in trees, fights at Waffle House at 3 AM, domestic violence around every corner, etc. etc. I honestly don’t know how people survive down there but then again they are probably saying the same thing about New Yorkers.