“What’s In My Mouth?”


If I had nickel for every time I’ve heard these three questions in the same sentence…

– Where I am?

– Why am I here?

– What’s in mouth?

…I’d be a millionaire.

‘David goes to the dentist’ was funny because it was a little kid who had never been hopped up on drugs before. This girl, however, looks like she was just picked up from a frat house the morning after a party. Hey mom, she’s just gonna keep asking what’s in her mouth so as long as you’re filming it, have a little fun and start making things up.

2 thoughts on ““What’s In My Mouth?”

  • LMAO this reminds me of my sister when she was hoped up on pain killers at the hospital, but it was more like:

    “What time is it?”


    “Okay…-goes to sleep and wakes up five seconds later- What time is it?”

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