This Handicapped Bullshitter Says He Makes $100,000 A Year


MSN: Gary Thompson just made life harder for panhandlers. The Lexington, Ky., man is an alleged scammer, playing to the heartstrings of would-be do-gooders who can’t resist his act — that of a wheelchair-bound man with a mental disability. How good is he? He boasts he can make up to $100,000 a year. Thompson was “busted” by a TV station Monday shortly after police warned the public about his alleged scam. During a surreal nearly-nine-minute interview, Thompson fessed up, that aside from some difficulty walking due to a past motorcycle accident, he’s physically healthy and mentally sharp; he has a college degree in speech pathology. Thompson admitted “he’s really good” at gaming people and bragged about his con artist ways, declaring himself “the best in Lex.”


Get a load of this guy, huh? Represents everything wrong with America today. Also why I never give money to these people in the subway or the street. Seen this shit way too much. Sorry to those who are really homeless or handicapped but all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Don’t get me wrong–if I have extra food on me and you’re begging, I’ll hand it over but don’t think for a second that you’re getting a dime out of me by crying me a sob story on the A train. You want to help these people then donate clothes to Salvation Army or money to homeless shelters.

Another Guy Fakes Being Famous In NYC


I’ve seen this so many times in NYC now that I can’t believe people still fall for it. ‘Celebrities’ just wandering through the heart of Times Square. Cause if I were a celebrity that’s exactly where I would want to be! And Spiderman?! Have these people even seen Spiderman?? If anything I’m thinking he looks more like a downy version of Seth McFarlane.

Question Of The Day: Would You Bang A Chick Who Literally Looked Like A Doll?


Yes, this chick who makes Heidi Montag look normal really exists. Now the question is, would you?

After thinking long and hard about it for 2 seconds I’m going with yes. I know it’s creepy as shit since she really looks like a doll but in the end, she does have a pulse right? The thing I’m curious about is do the doll features come with it? Like dolls don’t talk or make noise and they don’t move unless you actually make them move. That might be a deal breaker. Nothing worse than a dead fish in the sack and I don’t know that I would be up for all that work. If anything, would make a great story to tell your friends.

Side note: I know all we’re talking about here is P in V, but imagine bringing this shit home to Mom?

Man Posts Fake Sex Ads On Craigslist; 15 Men Show Up At Ex-Girlfriend’s House

TSG: A jilted boyfriend is facing a variety of felony charges after he allegedly placed a series of phony Craigslist ads directing men to the Oregon home of his pregnant ex-girlfriend for sexual encounters. According to investigators, Andre Jermaine Flom, 31, placed more than three dozen fake Craigslist ads in a bid to torment Catlin Moser, his former girlfriend. Flom’s harassment campaign allegedly began in November, around the time he was convicted of strangling the 29-year-old Moser, who last year secured a restraining order against Flom. One Craigslist ad included Moser’s name, Portland address, and the claim that “I’m very real, looking for a sexy guy to come give me what I need, hit me up! I’m super horny.” Another ad claimed that the victim was “lookin for a guy, or guys to take turns givin it to me good!” A probable cause affidavit filed yesterday in Circuit Court notes that Moser told police that “after one of the ads she had about 15 men show up to her home asking for sex.” Other phony ads directed respondents to the victim’s home, where they could dig up a Japanese maple tree or take a children’s play structure in the yard.

What a great day for blogging. We got drunk chicks on the NJ Transit, assholes giving away $26,000, and now this tool putting up fake Craigslist ads about his ex-girlfriend. I won’t knock his game though because I was actually laughing reading what he posted on there. Listen, I know it’s scary cause one of these guys could have been a killer and his ex is preggos but guess what, no one got hurt so now we can laugh about it, alright?

I had someone do this to me once and let me tell you, literally a minute after the post went up my cell phone started ringing with people asking me weird questions. Obviously I had no idea what was going on but after the 5th caller in 5 minutes, I asked what the fuck was going on and figured it out. Don’t worry, I got the person back 10 times worse but my point is that people must troll Craigslist like they are paid to do it. This chick is lucky she lives in Oregon or that number probably would’ve been 100 dudes looking for sex.

Oh yea, do you know how pissed I would be if I came home and someone was digging up a massive maple tree from my backyard?