Question Of The Day: Would You Bang A Chick Who Literally Looked Like A Doll?


Yes, this chick who makes Heidi Montag look normal really exists. Now the question is, would you?

After thinking long and hard about it for 2 seconds I’m going with yes. I know it’s creepy as shit since she really looks like a doll but in the end, she does have a pulse right? The thing I’m curious about is do the doll features come with it? Like dolls don’t talk or make noise and they don’t move unless you actually make them move. That might be a deal breaker. Nothing worse than a dead fish in the sack and I don’t know that I would be up for all that work. If anything, would make a great story to tell your friends.

Side note: I know all we’re talking about here is P in V, but imagine bringing this shit home to Mom?

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