This Handicapped Bullshitter Says He Makes $100,000 A Year


MSN: Gary Thompson just made life harder for panhandlers. The Lexington, Ky., man is an alleged scammer, playing to the heartstrings of would-be do-gooders who can’t resist his act — that of a wheelchair-bound man with a mental disability. How good is he? He boasts he can make up to $100,000 a year. Thompson was “busted” by a TV station Monday shortly after police warned the public about his alleged scam. During a surreal nearly-nine-minute interview, Thompson fessed up, that aside from some difficulty walking due to a past motorcycle accident, he’s physically healthy and mentally sharp; he has a college degree in speech pathology. Thompson admitted “he’s really good” at gaming people and bragged about his con artist ways, declaring himself “the best in Lex.”


Get a load of this guy, huh? Represents everything wrong with America today. Also why I never give money to these people in the subway or the street. Seen this shit way too much. Sorry to those who are really homeless or handicapped but all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Don’t get me wrong–if I have extra food on me and you’re begging, I’ll hand it over but don’t think for a second that you’re getting a dime out of me by crying me a sob story on the A train. You want to help these people then donate clothes to Salvation Army or money to homeless shelters.

How Spot On Is This Panhandler Party On The Subway?


If you’ve ever ridden the NYC subway then you understand how on point this clip is. The homeless lady with the sob story asking for anything you might have, the young kid trying to sell the stale, expired fruit snacks, and the goddamn 4-5 piece mariachi band that insists on playing at the crack of dawn in the rush hour commute. Just a matter of time before the Wall St. guy, the 2nd mortgage family, and circus midgets roam the subway asking for dead presidents.

-Thanks to Fizz for this

Man Selling Puppies On Subway Train Like They’re Bootleg DVDs


Sales 101: Find your demographic. But needless to say this asshole didn’t go to college or take any sales classes or else he would know that people who carry $300 cash on them don’t ride the subways. They are above ground in cabs or Lincoln town cars. How’s it been going so far, trying to sell them? ‘It’s been going good!’ Bullshit my friend, bullshit. You started the day with 5 and you still have 5. That means you haven’t sold one dog yet. So unless ‘it’s going good’ means women are awwwing at your puppies, then yes, you’ve cornered the market.

And can someone please tell me how old a ‘mumf and a half years old’ is?

I Wanna Hang Out With This Guy!

She’s a maniac, mannnniac on the floor. And she’s dancing like she’s never danced–lean back! lean back! My man just went from Michael Sembello to Fat Joe in less than 2 seconds. He’s mixing songs like he’s got two turntables and a crowd of thousands in front of himself. How is no one paying this dude attention!? I 100% understand how he has all that money in his pocket because I would probably give him everything I had on me including my girlfriend. Not really sure what he’s saving up for but he’s the happiest man on the train and probably has the least amount to be happy about. That’s life for ya! Anyway, it’s Friday and this guy is the perfect way to start the weekend. Have a good one everyone!