This Is What Happens When You Give A Homeless Bears Fan A Beer And A Camera


As long as the Bears can block for 2 seconds, their offense is gonna score 70. The defense is gonna score 50 and special teams gonna score at least 30!

Safe to say this garbage picker was shooting for the stars a little bit with that bold 150 point prediction. Hope he didn’t bet all his cigarettes on that OVER though since both teams put up a combined score of 19 in one of the most boring NFL games of the week.

Was This Marion Barber’s First TD Ever?


Nothing like pulling off the traditional 350 degree back flip to celebrate your first TD of the year. And he missed the first 3 weeks of the season due to a calf injury? I mean I wouldn’t want to play for the Bears either but c’mon man! All he needed to do was injure himself on that play and it would’ve summed up Chicago sports for ya…