Mother Gives Birth To Baby On Way To Hospital NSFW??


Well look at what I found! Imagine looking down and there’s a baby in your pants? This has to have been the calmest, most laid back child birth ever. No pushing or pain. Just ‘Hunny, our kid just fell out.’ The only thing I can honestly say ‘thank god’ for is the fact that she was sitting down. She’s clearly so loose that the kid woulda just fell out onto the floor. Hopefully they got to the hospital safely (as long as the driver stopped filming) and the baby is OK.

Side Note: How about in 10 years when this kid has the awkwardness of watching himself get spit out of his mom’s vagina on the Whitestone Bridge on Youtube. Love to watch the ‘reaction video’ to that.

This Might Be One Of The Most Horrifying Looking Babies I’ve Ever Seen


Poor ugly kid. Only a few days old and already traumatized when his father decided to motorboat his mom with him still in the room. Now dad is just fuckin’ with him to make a funny Youtube video. Hey pops, pretty sure this is what happened to the Menendez brothers when they were babies too.

Week 15: “Hey Baby, what would you say if I told you the 7-7 Giants make it to the NFC Championship game?”

I know, right?