How Cool Would It Be To Hang Out With This Old Man?


This old man can play for my team any day! Totally not the reaction I was expecting. How awesome would it be to have a beer with this guy or better yet, split a doobie with? “Me and my girlfriend thought we were hallucinating. We just got this new pot.” It would not surprise me at all if his girlfriend is some 25 year old smoke show with daddy issues.

This Might Be One Of The Most Horrifying Looking Babies I’ve Ever Seen


Poor ugly kid. Only a few days old and already traumatized when his father decided to motorboat his mom with him still in the room. Now dad is just fuckin’ with him to make a funny Youtube video. Hey pops, pretty sure this is what happened to the Menendez brothers when they were babies too.

Week 15: “Hey Baby, what would you say if I told you the 7-7 Giants make it to the NFC Championship game?”

I know, right?