How Cool Would It Be To Hang Out With This Old Man?


This old man can play for my team any day! Totally not the reaction I was expecting. How awesome would it be to have a beer with this guy or better yet, split a doobie with? “Me and my girlfriend thought we were hallucinating. We just got this new pot.” It would not surprise me at all if his girlfriend is some 25 year old smoke show with daddy issues.

Thank Christ I Don’t Have Neighbors Like This!

Thank Christ I don’t have neighbors like this. I don’t mean the ‘hard dick’ thing. I know my neighbor likes hard dick cause I have to listen to her through the walls of my apartment. I mean the driving around yelling into a bull horn like it’s some kind of public service announcement. Lady, no one gives two shits whether or not you like hard dick. Do you see me driving around yelling ‘I like threesomes with preferably a hot blond and an Asian?’ No. Because no one cares and it will most likely never happen unless I pay for it. But there’s my point. Maybe I missed the long line of hard dick beating down your front door, but I highly doubt anyone has, or will be looking to have sex with you. But it’s Friday going into Labor Day weekend so I hope for your sake you do find a limp dick. And I hope that person slaps you in the face with it and knocks some sense into you!