Kerry Rhodes Is So Not Gay That He Wants To Take Credit For Kim And Kanye’s Baby

kerryrhodes-kimkarshain CSC

DeadSpin: Kerry Rhodes is awfully tired of people thinking he’s gay. So tired, evidently, that he has claimed paternity of Kim Kardashian’s just-born daughter. Although we haven’t attended to it in two months or so, “Hollywood” Simpson, the former boyfriend of free-agent NFL safety Kerry Rhodes, has been releasing photos of their gay life together, apparently in hopes that Rhodes will acknowledge him. Some photos came out, Rhodes said he was straight, and then more photos came out. The latest batch, released last week, included the two on horseback (Hollywood calls them “the black Brokeback Mountain”) and in bed together. Rhodes has no choice but to up the ante. Here’s Bossip: Kerry Rhodes refuses to sashay out the closet. The alleged gay baller has recently been forwarding a text message to his NFL buddies claiming to have fathered Kim Kardashian’s baby girl. The message reads: Man this could be my baby!! I was fu**ing her the same time as K.West was lol!!!


I don’t think there’s been bigger denial of something since Michael Jackson tried to convince us his biological children came out with white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Just look at these pictures below. I’m pretty sure even Perez Hilton right now is like ‘oh damn that’s gay!’ I understand that being gay in the NFL will not be easy for Kerry Rhodes but when the proof is in the pudding (not pun intended), you gotta own up at some point. I also get that the list of potential fathers for Kim Kardashian’s baby is as long as the MLB biogenesis list, but trying to take credit for that is one hell of a cop-out. I’m not a religious man, Kerry, but I believe it was some guy in the Bible who said the truth shall set you free!


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