Unattended Bag Of Snakes Seen On The F Train

Gothamist: This photo and video (below) were sent to us by commuter Hiram Becker, who remarks, “I was riding the F train on Sunday afternoon from the 7th and 9th street stop in Park Slope toward Long Island City. I had my headphones on and wasn’t paying attention at first to why the bench wasn’t being occupied. Just thought, oh, that dude left his backpack there. Then I went to sit down and noticed he had some snakes.” Bonus! Becker didn’t see it that way. “I mean, it’s so uncool that the snakes are taking up three spaces! Snake-spread anyone?” Ha, yes, where is the subway etiquette poster for that, MTA? Asked if it was one snake or two, Becker confirms multiple snakes: “It was two snakes. At first you think, oh yeah, that’s one huge snake. Then he lifted them up and put them around his head and I saw it was in fact two.”

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