A Personal Thank You


I would like to publicly thank a special subway creature for making this such a huge weekend for CSC. Don’t even know his/her name because I don’t care and to be honest it doesn’t even matter but here’s the story. Friday I wrote about a subway creature that decided to ride the subway topless to prove no other point than the fact that her(?) tits were able to reach the floor without a bra. Believe it or not folks, when a creature such as this turns up in the subway, we write about it here at Subway Creatures. Now this particular person came across our site (probably Googling herself(?) to death) and had a number of people leave very amusing/entertaining comments (I recommend reading them).

What we do here at CSC is find the most crazy/strange/weird/bizarre stories and videos on the internet and write funny comments, stories, and opinions about them by pushing the envelope as far as we can. When a video like this pops up, do you realize how easy you make my life? I purposely post this shit hoping the people who appear in it find it and do exactly what you did. I could care less about who you are or what your cause is. You create conversation, controversy, generate traffic, and get the CSC name out there. For that I can’t thank you enough! Feel free to drop the CSC name in your next video!

Side Note: For someone who doesn’t care what people think, you sure seemed to give a shit about us

Also, out of all the comments that were left, this was by far my favorite. Simple and to the point:


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