Transgender Gives Butt Implants With Fix-A-Flat And Other Random Items


A transgender woman in South Florida faces charges of practicing cosmetic surgery without a license, after police say she injected an unwitting patient’s buttocks with a handful of unsafe substances, including tire mender Fix-A-Flat, NBC reported. The botched butt implant sent the unidentified woman to the hospital, and landed Oneal Ron Morris, who is legally identified as a man, in cuffs. Miami Gardens Police arrested Morris, 30, on Friday, following an investigation by the Florida Department of Health. Sgt. William Bamford said the illegal procedure took place in May 2010, after the woman and Morris met to discuss details, according to ABC. “They agreed on the price of $700 for the procedure, which was intended for cosmetic purposes,” he said. The injection took place in a residential setting, where Morris shot a mix of cement, glue, mineral oil and tire sealant into the woman’s buttocks, ABC reported. “[A] short time later, she develops very serious pains, abdomen, throughout her body,” Bamford told the network affiliate. “She knows something’s wrong.” The woman rushed to Tampa General Hospital, where she was treated for infection and pneumonia, but would not divulge Morris’ name, according to the report. Hospital officials contacted the Dept. of Health, but it took investigators months to track down Morris. Police suspect there are other victims, and urge them to come forward.

Not for nothing but when you show up for your under-the-table surgery for butt implants and this walk of life shows up to do it, at what point do you say to yourself ‘hmmm, I really don’t want my ass to look like that thing’s. Maybe I shouldn’t go through with this.’ This woman really isn’t a good walking advertisement for herself so I’m gonna go ahead and presume that all of her clients are blind. I’m not too sure when black women all the sudden needed butt implants but I’m sure this idiots thought process was simple. ‘Fix-A-Flat is used to prevent tires from going flat, so it must also prevent asses from deflating.’ She was probably better off sticking an air pump up the woman’s ass and manually blowing it up. Just as effective.

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