Bitch News Anchor Ruins Christmas For Any Kids Watching Fox News


What a baaa-humbug cunt. Listen bitch, obviously everyone knows there’s no Santa but there’s no need to ruin it for everyone who thinks there is! I remember like it was yesterday when my mom left the PC Richards sticker on the box that was titled “FROM SANTA.” Worst day of my life. I wanted to run through the streets causing complete and utter anarchy. I also remember the day she broke the news to my sister and I almost had to get a straight jacket out. This bitch should be held responsible for every reaction that any parents have to deal with after that aired. I’m not sure how she still had a job the next day to even make an apology, if that’s what you want to call it, but I hope she’s visited by three ghosts before December 25th who slap her around until she’s a believer.


Side note: When kids find shit like this out, it always leads to more questions: What about the Easter Bunny? What about the Tooth Fairy? What about Jesus? Thanks Robin Robinson!

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