So The Cast Of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Looks Great

So the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air just had a reunion the other day and let me be the first to say goddamn! Way to keep it together people. Pretty sure Hilary has AIDS, Uncle Phil looks just as sick, I’ll give Carlton a pass, Will Smith clearly is not a human who ages, Ashley’s been stealing cookies from the cookie jar, and I’m pretty sure the guy back left was just there for the open bar and saw a picture being taken so he jumped in. (Who the hell is he?)

But here’s my problem. How can you call this a reunion when Geoffrey, Aunt Viv #1, Aunt Viv #2, and Jazz are all MIA?? Bullshit. That’s like having a Save By The Bell reunion without Mr. Belding. Who couldn’t appreciate Geoffrey’s one liners or Jazz always getting tossed out of the house by Uncle Phil? Will Smith ruins everything!

Side note: Can we talk for one second about how they quietly tried to sneak a new Aunt Viv in halfway through the show? She wasn’t even close to the same skin color as the other one! As a kid I was so goddamn confused by that move.

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