How Many Of You Would Throw Down On Black In This Situation?

So I went to AC last weekend and 3 times there was a table that had a color that showed up at least 10 straight times. My personal rule is to stay away from those tables because I feel like it’s a sucker’s bet but my friends had other ideas. On this specific table, red popped up 2 more rolls before black appeared. Of course my friends had thrown $100 on black each roll and in about 2 minutes they were already down $400. Now betting like that right off the bat can make or break your night. You’re either doing bottle service at the club later or you’re testing out Newton’s law of gravity from the top of the casino. Well, I found my friend at 1am sleeping in the room so you know how his night went. As for me, I have a bad habit of being up and giving it all back throughout the night, then taking more money out of the ever-so-available ATMs they have sitting around with $6.00 service charges. But my question to everyone is what would you do if you saw these numbers on a roulette table?

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