Brian McKnight Must Kill It In The Sex Category


Wow, nothing like a quiet, romantic night with lit candles, a bottle of wine and Brian McKnight singing about pussies squirting in the background. You know what, if this is how he lays it out there for women, I ain’t gonna hate. More power to him. All I know is if I drop that line I don’t think the reply would be “Oh my God, I thought you’d never ask!”

There must be something about the way R&B singers sing that makes it OK to say whatever the fuck they want and it’s almost like women don’t hear what they are actually saying. Almost like some kind of sex spell they add to their songs that hypnotizes chicks. ‘Let me show you how your pussy works, bet ya didn’t know that it could squirt’ and all they hear is ‘I just wanna take you shopping and buy you nice things.’ Crazy shit how this world works sometimes.

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