New Photos Of Empire State Building Shooter [Warning Graphic]

Gawker: Tipster Vladimir Dusil sent us these images of the body of a man who allegedly opened fire outside the Empire State Building earlier this morning. The alleged shooter, who was killed by police on the scene, has been identified as Jeffrey Johnson, a 53-year-old women’s accessories designer who’d been laid off from his job at Hazan Imports. He apparently shot and killed a former coworker before being chased and shot by police; as these photos show, he’s said to have been wearing a grey suit. The scene’s other victims, it’s now believed, were likely hit by stray police bullets — as has been pointed out, Johnson’s gun only held eight bullets, three of which he used on his former manager. And yet nine people were shot.


Not a cool way to start the weekend…

One thought on “New Photos Of Empire State Building Shooter [Warning Graphic]

  • Wow, all the blood and bullet holes can be shown on a dead body- but God forbid if his butt is shown!!!

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