The ‘Breakup App’ Is Here For All You Pussies Out There



iTunes: Breaking up with someone? There’s an app for that. BreakupText makes it easier than ever to end things with your significant other. No more awkward conversations or phone calls. With BreakupText, you can end your relationship in just a few taps.


If you are at the point in a relationship where you actually have to “break up” with someone then this has to be the douchiest, most shittiest way to go about it. If I got a text saying ‘things were serious’ with a bow tie (??) followed by ‘I found someone else” with a teddy bear (??), I would probably murder someone. First off, do you think sending me a text like this is going to make everything go away or create a larger shit storm for yourself? Second, I want answers bitch and sending me a picture of a blue teddy bear is not helping the situation. People who actually pay the $1 for this app deserve a lifetime of loneliness with herpes.

H/T BroBible


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