Teenager’s Throw Metal On Subway Tracks And Record Explosion When Train Hits It

Gothamist: Teens are not exactly known to exemplify the platonic ideal of straphanger behavior—they’re usually too busy hanging off the backs of trains, racing across the third rail, or playing real life “subway surfer” to pay much attention to other people. One such group of teens has apparently been placing pieces of metal onto the subway tracks in recent months, causing mini explosions like the one in the video. This video, which was filmed this past week, shows a C train coming into the Nostrand Avenue station followed by a small explosion with a fury of sparks, apparently due to a metal object on the track. A tipster told us, “I had just come across this video on my Facebook feed…The object, according to the comments, is a rollsign box, which is the destination sign that you see in the older trains.” A subway motorman reposted the video on Facebook with some details: “That kid keyshawn ….He is out again and put a fucking rollsign box on the tracks,” wrote the motorman, who later deleted his comments. He added:

Some kid who hangs with ‘these kids’ who just got locked up posted it…They got locked up for almost fatally killing me in the back of my head with a break handle they already got locked up and THEY STILL HAVENT STOPPED…And they spent a couple days in Rikers and still won’t stop.

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