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So I guess this guy was trying to fight anyone he could get his hands on at SXSW because you know, that’s the kind of rough, gangsta music festival that is. Anyway the dude to his right saw an opportunity to end it all and took it. Knocked the fuck out! How bad is it when you get knocked out like that in front of everyone and then when you come-to, there’s a bunch of cops ready to arrest you? Street justice at its finest.


High socks, fanny pack, ridiculous dancing. Trifecta! Gotta love summer Fridays. Have a safe weekend everyone!


One thing I’ve learned from going to these things; there’s one firestarter in every group. Only thing is this guy is a party of one and bringing it all like the Mayan calendar is a real thing. I can just picture him walking out of his house dressed like a 5th grader going to a pool party, telling his wife he’s going to blow off some steam. Next thing he knows he’s in the middle of Electric Daisy Carnival starting huge dance parties.