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Hallelujah! My prayers have been answered. Can’t begin to tell you how annoying these little bastards are. I’ve been on crowded subway cars before where they actually tell people they can’t stand/sit in certain spots so they can perform. Then, as they are climbing all over the poles they narrowly miss kicking people in the face. Listen, I get that they are just trying to make a buck and the tourists eat this shit up but enough is enough. You wanna make money dancing on poles? I heard you make a lot of money in NY strip clubs these days. And don’t even give me the ‘it’s better than them selling drugs on the street’ bullshit. No kidding but so is GETTING A REAL JOB. Go join a dance team or after school group if you want to express yourself artistically by dancing.

Side note: I have to say though, an arrest on your record seems a little extreme for this. Wouldn’t a ticket suffice?




Oh Mayor Bloomberg calls up the media to let them know he’s riding the subway this morning with an entourage of body guards. Damn I feel as safe as before 9/11 now! I agree that we can’t be scared by terrorismĀ  and shouldn’t change our daily routines but I’m not sure this is going to help me with that. Why…? Because our multi-billionaire mayor takes an E train for once in his life I’m suppose to think all is good and well? Hey pal, Washington has credible sources telling them that 3 towel heads just arrived to the US with plans of setting off car bombs all over Manhattan. As long as they are out there, I’m going to have a tough time thinking all is good in Pleasantville.