Candy Thief Tries To Jump Over Police Car Like He’s In Some Action Movie



Barrio Spiderman and 5 of his homeboys suspected of stealing hundreds of dollars of candy from area grocery stores gets pulled over and Alberto Einstein here makes a break for it. Police pursued the suspect into a neighborhood and he climbed onto a roof to get away. Officers cautiously followed him as he ran from roof to roof the entire time, not knowing what to expect. After a few minutes, they brought out a ladder and sprayed him with pepper spray. Seconds later he came down and tried to flee the scene, but ran into a parked police sport utility vehicle. Police say the teen is likely going to be charged with criminal trespassing for jumping from roof to roof and running from officers.


Candy? Candy, Paco? You’re jumping rooftop to rooftop and running from authorities like Jason Bourne over candy? My brother stole candy from a grocery store when he was young and got caught too. You know what they did? They called my mom and told her to come pick him up. Sometimes people just know exactly how to push that snowball down the hill and just let it roll forever. But how about that payoff at the end! This is why every police department should have a camera crew on site. First, the cameraman gives everyone a heads up that the suspect is coming their way. Then, he proceeds to laugh at the guy totally busting his ass before he even hits the ground.

Paco, what were you thinking here? You’ve clearly watched one too many action films. Just because a man is standing there with a camera filming you doesn’t mean you are actually IN a movie! You wanna see real? Watch ‘Cops’ and you’ll see police officers with one-leg run down suspects. You coulda run anywhere you wanted and you picked the 7-foot Phoenix Police SUV to try to run over. What was the plan after that? If it was to smash your face off the hood and get speared into the pavement then mission accomplished.