Is This Halloween Prop Racist?


Community leaders are calling for the removal of a Halloween decoration on a Brooklyn street they say is racist and insensitive to residents. The decoration which is described as a black scarecrow, hangs from a tree in the Fort Hamilton section of Brooklyn. According to City Councilman Charles Barron, the display which he describes as “grotesque,” needs to be removed and the individuals responsible for putting it up need to be publicly denounced. He is calling for its immediate removal. “The scarecrow is offensive and reprehensible not only to the Black Community, but to all those who have a history of persecution and, or have been victimized by lynch mobs,” Barron’s office said in a statement Wednesday. “The perpetrators of this horrific display are only acting out what they conceal in their hearts.” Barron along with other leaders of the Black Community were expected to hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon where they will call upon the leadership of the Fort Hamilton community and the City to remove the display. It wasn’t immediately clear who put up the Halloween decoration or whether the home owner is aware of the controversy behind the display.

Oh my God! Call out the National Guard! People are putting up Halloween decorations! Racist? Why, because he has dreadlocks? Take the dreadlocks off this guy and we aren’t even having this conversation. I’m pretty sure this dudes one hand is white and the other is red. Oh and by the way, if this were a white scarecrow do you think it would be a big deal? OK, OK the fact that his face is a little black and he has a noose around his neck might come off a little racist but come on people! I’m sure whatever this guy did he deserved it!