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So I’ve officially declared today’s theme as “Yes. People like this DO exist.” I watched this whole short film and it was mind blowing! Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from the South, they create a Juggalo music festival. I think the creators of this film were trying to answer the main question of  ‘what the fuck is a juggalo’ but due to many many many drugs and A.D.D., they never seem to be answered by anyone in the video. The people look exactly how you’d expect them to and all this video was missing was a banjo in the background with a brother/sister combo humping like wild animals. If you have 20 minutes of free time and are feeling down at any point of the day, I recommend this film and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. A couple of highlights are as follows:

-Guy who only knows the word “fuck”

-Preggo woman who plans on Juggalos raising her unborn child

-Dude allowing friend to spray paint his face

-Girl who says she’s not on drugs but absolutley has to be

-Man fucked up on drugs who is waiting for a surgical transplant