Flood in the NYC Subway!

So I was taking the 1 train this morning down by South Ferry and all of the sudden the NY Harbor began pouring in one of the entrances! Fire was spitting out of gas lines, an oil tanker fell down from the street above, and electric wires were flying everywhere. Thankfully the train pulled out just in time as if Ron Jeremy was working the controls. Shockingly, this is just footage of the earthquake ride at Universal Studios in Florida but pretty much what I was expecting over the weekend as I think mostly everyone else was. Once again NYC dodged a bullet as if some kind of force field bubbles over it. How did every surrounding city and town get blasted as bad as they did and I wake up Sunday afternoon with power, zero flooding, and the sun out? Something about New York City I tell ya.

I stayed up until 5:30am Sunday morning waiting for something crazy to happen and even then, the reporters were saying the worst is yet to come. Nothing other than a couple fallen trees. An earthquake and tropical storm in the same week? This video is what NY definitely should have looked like! Since we keep getting tested by Mother Nature, I’m sitting here writing and wondering what’s next? Tornadoes? An end of the summer blizzard? Alien attack?

Side note: Not sure if anyone saw the Bloomberg press conference, but him trying to speak Spanish is as awkward as my Irish ass trying to read the Torah out loud.


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