Baby Makes Amazing Escape From Crib


Was this an infant or a midget? That little bastard scaled the crib like Spiderman and almost stuck the landing! I’m gonna go ahead and call them Pinky and the Brain since the other retard has absolutely no idea what’s going on and his twin brother has blueprints to take over the world. Clearly we see who got the smart jeans in the womb. The kid even has the wherewithal to nab the evidence of the camera recording his every move! Who is this kid?!

My brother pulled this kinda shit when he was a baby only he took the destructive route and shook his fuckin crib like a Japanese earthquake. He went on to play football and now he’s a cop so if that tells us anything about this kid’s future, he might grow up to be the next Daniel Ocean.

Side Note: How do you sleep at night if you’re this kid’s parents knowing your son is probably scaling down the side of your house and hot wiring your mini van parked in the driveway?

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