NY Jets Outlook: Week 7

With a must-win Monday night game, the Jets sloppily got the victory over the winless Miami Dolphins. I’m pretty sure if Derelle Revis wasn’t on the team that game could have gone either way but they walked away with a W none the less. A new week, another opportunity for Rex Ryan to open his mouth and bring as much attention to himself as possible. This time he called out San Diego Chargers by saying that if he were coach he would’ve had two rings by now. Um Rex, you have 0 rings since joining a much better Jets team so I’m not sure you’re winning this argument. Anyway he apologized so all is forgotten right? Jets go into this Sunday’s game +2 at home and if they play like they did last Monday then that spread is heavily favoring the Chargers. I like the over at 43.5 in this game and I don’t know that the Jets D can hold down Ryan Matthews in the back field. I like Chargers -2 and I’m going against the Jets for the second time this year which means they will probably pull off some kind of OT win. Quote me.

405 San Diego Chargers -2  -110 -135
43½ O -110
U -110
406 New York Jets +2  -110 +115
Week 7

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