Why Is This The First Time I’ve Ever Heard Of The Florence Fight Club?


Walking into the emergency room with your eyeball in your hand? Getting all your teeth knocked out? Possibly dying in the arena? This sport makes American football look like soccer. I mean Jesus Christ, all this for a white cow?? Imagine what they would do for a diamond studded Super Bowl ring! The JETS sure could use a number of these guys to become a relevant NFL team again. One-eyed Willy could replace Santonio Holmes and still have a more productive year, the ripped black dude would obviously replace Bart Scott, and this dude would stand in for Mark Sanchez as well as steal all his women.

NY Jets Outlook: Week 7

With a must-win Monday night game, the Jets sloppily got the victory over the winless Miami Dolphins. I’m pretty sure if Derelle Revis wasn’t on the team that game could have gone either way but they walked away with a W none the less. A new week, another opportunity for Rex Ryan to open his mouth and bring as much attention to himself as possible. This time he called out San Diego Chargers by saying that if he were coach he would’ve had two rings by now. Um Rex, you have 0 rings since joining a much better Jets team so I’m not sure you’re winning this argument. Anyway he apologized so all is forgotten right? Jets go into this Sunday’s game +2 at home and if they play like they did last Monday then that spread is heavily favoring the Chargers. I like the over at 43.5 in this game and I don’t know that the Jets D can hold down Ryan Matthews in the back field. I like Chargers -2 and I’m going against the Jets for the second time this year which means they will probably pull off some kind of OT win. Quote me.

405 San Diego Chargers -2  -110 -135
43½ O -110
U -110
406 New York Jets +2  -110 +115
Week 7

Another ‘Drags Vent Session’


It’s been a rough few days for Drags as his beloved Yankees faltered in game 5 at home against the Detroit Tigers. He sent me an email asking to vent on a public forum so i reposted his email. The Monday morning sun rises with more disappointment as Drags’s home town Jets have now fallen to 2-3 and they still can’t figure out the right chemistry to get things going. Drags asked me to repost another email this morning that I’m pretty sure he wrote while also staring at a loaded revolver sitting in his lap. Anyway I digress…


By Chris Drags

Where, o’ where, have the New York Jets gone? Oh where, o’ where have they gone?  Forget the 8 three-and-outs. Forget the continued lack of “ground-and-pound.” Forget Sanchez throwing for 30 more yards than Green-Ellis ran for. Forget  that the Jet’s best offensive weapon was Joe McKnight! And forget letting Benjarvis Green-Ellis (not Tom Brady!) march down the field eating up seven minutes of clock on the self proclaimed “#1” defense with the Jets only down 6 in a must stop situation.  The real problem with the Jets?  Attitude.

Where is the team with the chip on their shoulder? Where’s the team that stands on the line looking like thugs with swagger?  Where’s the confidence? Where the fuck are the bullies!  Do the Jets only perform well when they’re told they won’t win?  Four washed up ex-hall of Fame players with too many head hits predict your team to actually, maybe, follow through on your “Super-bowl” predictions during a morning football program on CBS and you assume it’s just going to happen??

Remember back less than a year ago to the playoff game in Foxborough; the Jets were mad.  Bart Scott, as we all know now, felt disrespected.  They were tough, and played rough, pushed over the Patriots who blew them out only a month earlier.  They looked like the Jets….and that was the last time.  They were told all season long they weren’t going to do it, and once they beat the Pats, were told they had a reasonable chance…and then lost to the Steelers by laying down in the first half.  If the Jets need to be told that they can’t do it, that they aren’t good enough and that they are the underdogs to play well, then congratulations Jets, here it comes: you guys suck!  You’ve been bullied all year long.  You had glimmers against Dallas but still SHOULD have lost if not for Saint Romo passing out wins to the needy.  You blew out Jacksonville, but a Texas high school team could do that.  Then Oakland, Baltimore and New England put you in your place by kicking you in the face.

The worst part? After last night’s loss the Jets were not pissed about what happened, not pissed that they now have a losing record and just handed the Pats the keys to the AFC East, no, they were talking (in the locker room) about all the good things that they did do; which I’m still trying to figure out…held Welker to 124 yards maybe?  The Pats, the team in first, was angry after the win (!) because they thought they could have played better. I know Shawn Ellis is over there, but it sure looks like the mentalities are reversed.

The Jets have a long week off before a Monday night showdown against the Jet-killing Miami Dolphins, then they get the Chargers and a bye.  All we can hope for is that they watch PTI and see themselves get ripped a new one, because right now, Jets, you guys suck. Now use this motivation to fucking win!!



NY Giants LB Jonathan Goff Lost For Season


For the Giants, incredibly, it can get worse. And it just has. After losing three cornerbacks, defensive tackle Marvin Austin and backup linebacker Clint Sintim to season-ending injuries in the past month, the Giants will now be without their starting middle linebacker Jonathan Goff, who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament, according to someone informed of the injury. The person requested anonymity because the Giants haven’t yet commented on the situation. Someone else informed of the specifics of the injury, who also asked not to be named, said Goff knocked knees with a teammate in practice on Monday. He left to ice his knee, but was still having issues today, so he went for an MRI that revealed the full extent of the injury. The person said linebacker Kawika Mitchell is on his way for a visit and might be added to help fill the void created by the loss of Goff. Mitchell has not yet been signed, though. Mitchell, 31, was with the Giants in 2007, though he played the weak side while Antonio Pierce manned the middle. Mitchell also played for Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for all of 2008 and five games of 2009 before suffering a season-ending injury. As for options on the roster, the team has left itself nothing but rookies behind Goff. Greg Jones, a sixth-round pick, was impressive in spurts in the preseason but is nowhere near ready to assume such a role as the starter in the middle. Undrafted rookie Mark Herzlich saw some time in the middle, but like Jones, moving into a starting role after a short offseason and training camp, would be a stretch. The backup in the middle during the preseason was Phillip Dillard, the team’s fourth-round pick last year, though he was waived and not added to the practice squad. Goff, a fifth-round pick in 2008 who has worked to become a more complete player, was in line for a sizeable payday after the season, as this was the final year of his rookie contract. He now joins cornerback Terrell Thomas, wide receivers Steve Smith and Domenik Hixon and linebacker/defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka as Giants who suffered serious injuries in their contract seasons over the past two years.

So at least we know that the NY Giants practice squad will be starting on Sunday afternoon. Jesus Christ I’m scared to even say this but just when you think it can’t get any worse, somehow it gets worse. I’m contemplating running down to the TIMEX field, suiting up, and jumping on the line of scrimmage. Giants’ fans hang in there. I’m still predicting a ‘W’ on Sunday! And on a side note, the Giants defense/special teams is still somehow ranked above the Jets…