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OK, OK, nevermind the little guys swinging their little t-rex arms, what the fuck is up with the MC dressed like an Oompa Loompa in the background? Just a plethora of things going on here that makes me wanna be hammered and ring side.




Walking into the emergency room with your eyeball in your hand? Getting all your teeth knocked out? Possibly dying in the arena? This sport makes American football look like soccer. I mean Jesus Christ, all this for a white cow?? Imagine what they would do for a diamond studded Super Bowl ring! The JETS sure could use a number of these guys to become a relevant NFL team again. One-eyed Willy could replace Santonio Holmes and still have a more productive year, the ripped black dude would obviously replace Bart Scott, and this dude would stand in for Mark Sanchez as well as steal all his women.